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Loyola University Chicago School of Social Work 
Office of Internships and Student Services


Welcome to Sonia Online!   This is Loyola University Chicago (LUC) School of Social Work’s internship management platform.      Sonia Online allows students, Field Supervisors, and Field Liaisons to manage the internship process, document internship requirements (i.e. hours) and provide the needed support to ensure a successful field placement experience.  

This includes completing all forms, such as, the internship confirmation, the midterm evaluation, the end of semester evaluation, etc.  You will also document your internship hours on timesheets in Sonia Online.  Your Field Supervisor will have access to approve your hours and conduct your evaluation. Your Field Liaison will have access to view your progress as well.


To the right is a link to a number of resources that has valuable information related to your field placement.  Please review these links.

Under “My Details” please review your specialization and sub-specialization information to ensure it is correct.  Also, complete the emergency contact information if it hasn’t already been completed.  

Please see the attached links below to obtain additional details about Sonia Online.  

·         Sonia Online User Guide for Students

·         Sonia Online User Guide for Supervisors

 We welcome your feedback in order to improve the delivery of Sonia.  Please contact SSW-Sonia@luc.edu if you have any questions or challenges with Sonia.